Housing / Police Partnership


As a result of the police department’s efforts to cooperate with various partners in the evaluation and implementation of new prevention and enforcement strategies, a new initiative was launched in April 2008 with City of Dubuque Housing & Community Development. For several years, the Community Policing Unit has worked closely with Housing to ensure those involved with subsidized housing as landlords, as well as program applicants and tenants, meet all federal participation requirements. To ensure these requirements are met, the police department through the Community Policing Unit conducts background and investigative research.

For more information, please contact City of Dubuque Housing & Community Development at 563.589.4230.

Housing Corporal

As the background and investigative research expanded, the need for a full-time investigator became apparent. As a result, a full-time Housing Corporal was assigned to the City’s Housing & Community Development Department from the Police Department to complete these needs. The Housing Corporal has an office in Housing & Community Development where all background and investigations are completed. This partnership strengthens and streamlines investigative time while establishing a consistent and visible commitment to the assurance of a successful housing program. 

Cpl Scott Koch

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