Bridges & Truck Routes

All of the bridges are inspected on an annual basis. The Iowa DOT inspects the Julien Dubuque Bridge and all other bridges on state highway routes.

Truck Routes

The appropriate truck routes are described in the City of Dubuque Ordinance: Sec. 32-163.
  • Motor trucks registered for a gross weight limit exceeding 10,000 pounds (5 tons) shall travel over marked highways when operating in the City and shall not depart from such marked highways except that any motor truck whose destination is in the City may depart from such highway at that point on the highway nearest to its destination and then proceed directly to such destination.
  • Motor trucks whose trips originate within the City shall travel by the most direct route to that point on a marked highway nearest to such point of origin.
  • Motor trucks entering the City on an unmarked highway shall proceed to the nearest marked highway by the most direct route and then proceed to their destination, except when the destination lies between the point of entry into the City and the marked highway.
  • The City Manager is authorized to designate and establish by appropriate signs alternate motor truck routes and to post signs limiting motor trucks registered with a gross weight limit exceeding 10,000 pounds (5 tons) from operating on non-highway streets.
  • The provisions of this section governing the travel of motor trucks on residential streets shall not apply to public or private carriers of passengers on tour, fixed demand response or dial-a-ride routes or school or church buses.
  • The scheduled fine for a violation of this section shall be $50. (1976 Code, § 25-172; Ord. 32-98, §§ 1, 2, 5-4-1998)
For information on truck routes please contact the Assistant City Engineer at 563.589.4270.