Traffic Safety

STREETS: Smart Traffic Routing with Efficient and Effective Traffic System

Dynamic Routing of Traffic to Maximize the Use of Existing Roadway Capacities

The City of Dubuque is implementing the next generation of integrated traffic signal system that includes rapid simulation of future traffic conditions based on real-time data collection. It also includes communicating the modeled changes to road-users before they leave and while en route to balance delay and reduce congestion.


Residential Parking Permit District (RPPD)

In October 1985, the Dubuque City Council adopted Ordinance 9-14-321.720 establishing a residential parking permit program for Dubuque citizens. This program was enacted for the following reasons:

  • To reduce traffic congestion from vehicles parked by persons not residing within a residential neighborhood;
  • To protect residential neighborhoods from polluted air, excessive noise, and refuse caused by the entry of such vehicles;
  • To protect residents of these residential neighborhoods from unreasonable burden in gaining access to their residences;
  • To promote traffic safety and the safety of children and other pedestrians in these residential neighborhoods.

For more information, view the RPPD brochure. Download a petition to establish a Residential Parking Permit District or call City Engineering at 563.589.4270.

Report a Traffic Safety Concern

  • Traffic Signals
    City electricians maintain the traffic signals in Dubuque, including the signals on State routes. If you notice a light is out on a traffic signal please call the Engineering Department on weekdays from 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 563.589.4270.  After hours and on weekends, please call non-emergency dispatch at 563.589.4415.

  • Street Lights
    Please call the Engineering Department at 563.589.4270 to report streetlights that are out or that don’t turn off during the day. Most of the street lights in the City are maintained by Alliant Energy, but some are maintained by the City. By calling us, we will ensure that the right people are notified.

  • Traffic Controls
    The Engineering Department has traffic specialists that anticipate the need for additional traffic controls. To report a problem intersection, send a request by email or mail it to the Engineering Department, 50 West 13th Street, Dubuque, IA 52001. The appropriate staff will review the operation of the intersection including the review of accident history and traffic counts to determine if a change is warranted.  

Temporary No Parking or Reserved Parking Signs

Temporary "No Parking" or temporary "Reserved Parking" signs can be used for a variety of reasons such as special events and construction projects or to aid in relocation. These temporary signs cost $1 per sign, must be authorized by the City Engineer, and have a maximum duration of one week.

The signs must be installed by the requester 24 hours in advance, or as close to 24 hours in advance as possible, of the effective date and time and will be removed by the requester at the end of the effective date and time. In emergency situations, notice is not always possible. The requester is responsible for obtaining appropriate support material for the signs. Typical support material used is wood lathe with signs affixed with staples. Recommended spacing is one sign per 100 feet of curb, or as directed by the City Engineer.

Requests for temporary No Parking or temporary Reserved Parking signs need to be made 48 hours prior to pick up. To request signs, call 563.589.4270 or email.