City Construction Projects

Northwest Arterial State of Good Repair Project

The Northwest Arterial State of Good Repair Project includes improvements from U.S. 20 to John F. Kennedy Rd. including the reconstruction of both the Pennsylvania Ave. and Asbury Rd. intersections, repaving the southbound lanes, and total reconstruction of the northbound lanes. Work is scheduled for the 2022 and 2023 construction seasons. Due to the magnitude and scope of work, the construction schedule includes multiple phases to reduce traffic delays and minimize impacts on schools and businesses through the corridor. Learn more about the Northwest Arterial State of Good Repair Project.

SW Arterial

Southwest Arterial (U.S. 52)

The Southwest Arterial (U.S. 52) is a 6.1-mile, four-lane, divided freeway with priority-one access control and provides an alternative route for traffic through southwestern Dubuque. It connects the Dubuque Technology Park on U.S. Hwy 61/151 with the new Dubuque Industrial Center West and the existing Dubuque Industrial Center near U.S. Hwy 20. After years of planning and construction, it opened in August 2020. Learn more about the Southwest Arterial Project.

New Microtunneled Bee Branch Culverts

Bee Branch Creek Railroad Culverts Project

Six 8-foot diameter steel pipes were micro-tunneled under the Canadian Pacific railroad tracks to allow stormwater to drain more efficiently from the upstream portion of the Bee Branch Creek to the downstream portion. The operation began in July 2020 and was finished in late-October 2020. The project also included converting the old Bee Branch storm sewer into a paved pedestrian tunnel under the Canadian Pacific railroad tracks.  Learn more about this stormwater management project.

Veterans Memorial Project Progress Photo 6

Chaplain Schmitt Island Veterans Memorial Project

A $3.2 million improvement project at the Chaplain Schmitt Island Veterans Memorial Plaza was completed in 2021. The project included a new memorial for Chaplain Schmitt composed of a decorative swirling concrete path that transforms into an elevated boardwalk extending from the Veterans Memorial Plaza over the pond. A circular landing that contains a sculpture titled "Skyward" will be located at the end of the boardwalk. Read more about the Veterans Memorial Project.

STREETS Components Interaction

STREETS Project: Dynamic Routing of Traffic

The City of Dubuque is implementing the next generation of integrated traffic signal system that includes rapid simulation of future traffic conditions based on real-time data collection. Learn more about the STREETS Project.

Road Construction Toolkit for Businesses


The City recognizes businesses located in work zones have special needs. It’s critical that customers have access to businesses and that they continue to visit them, regardless of any road work inconveniences. The Road Construction Toolkit for Businesses is offered as a resource for businesses. It outlines what the City provides before and during road construction projects, ideas about what businesses can do to proactively prepare for construction projects in their area, and other helpful information such as the construction noise ordinance, dust control measures, parking and transportation alternatives, and temporary sign permits. Through communication and cooperation, businesses can thrive when road construction is in the area.

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