General Requirements

The homeownership option is available to current participants who have completed an initial Housing Choice Voucher lease term consisting of 12 months, do not owe monies to the City of Dubuque Housing Department or any other Housing Agency for any outstanding debts, are not in violation of their family obligations and who meet the eligibility criteria set forth below.

Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Assistance may be used to purchase the following type of homes within the City of Dubuque: single-family dwelling unit, condominium, or cooperatives.

Specific Criteria

Each Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership participant must meet the general requirements for admission to the  Housing Choice Voucher Program as described in the City of Dubuque Section 8 Housing Administrative Plan.

The family must satisfy all of the following initial requirements at commencement of homeownership assistance:
  • The family must be a first-time homeowner or not have owned a home in the last three years (unless member of household is disabled).
  • The family must satisfy the minimum income requirements.
  • The family must satisfy the employment requirements (does not apply to an elderly or disabled family).
  • The family must not have defaulted on a mortgage securing debt to purchase a home under the homeownership option.
  • The family must contribute 3% of the total purchase price of the home towards the down payment.
  • The family must graduate from the Homebuyers Workshop ISU.
  • The family must attend four one-on-one financial counseling classes with the Dubuque County Extension Office: Two sessions prior to loan closing and two sessions after loan closing (make arrangements with your Section 8 Assisted Housing Specialist).
  • The home must be inspected by the City Housing Rehabilitation Inspector.
  • A certified home inspection must be completed (Estimated cost $300-$350).