Emergency Repair

This program provides long-term, low-interest loans for rental property owners. The program is designed to encourage emergency repair of existing rental housing and to quickly respond to housing conditions which, if uncorrected, would cause posting of the unit and displacement of tenants.  This Program is referred from General Housing, along with a code deficiency report.

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For additional information, contact the Housing and Community Development Department or call us at 563.589.4239.

Loan Amounts
The loan amount depends on the amount of units in the dwelling:
  • $6,500 - less than six units
  • $13,000 - seven units or more

Loan Terms
  • All loans will be made for a maximum term of 10 years
  • Interest will be charged at a fixed rate of the current Treasury Bill (90-day) rate plus 1%. (Minimum 3%; maximum 9%)

Minimum monthly payment will be $63.

How to Apply
Applications must be filled out and returned to:
Housing and Community Development Department
Attn: Rehabilitation Programs Supervisor
350 W. 6th St.
Suite 312
Dubuque, IA 52001