City-wide Fire Hydrant Repainting Project
Clearly visible and well-maintained fire/water hydrants are an important public infrastructure component and public safety asset.  The City of Dubuque initiated a program in the summer of 2011 to repaint the City’s nearly 2,850 fire hydrants in Dubuque’s 318+ mile-long water distribution system.  

The four-phased project is expected to be completed by the fall of 2014. The project will not require service disruptions to water customers.

Many of Dubuque’s older fire hydrants have deteriorated in appearance after years of exposure to the elements including the salt used on the streets during the winter. This program will address those fire hydrants and creates a budget item for on-going maintenance in the future.

Fire hydrants are first and foremost a public safety device and a consistent paint scheme aids fire department and water department personnel in quickly locating them when needed.  The fire hydrants that are part of the project will first be pre-inspected by water department personnel to insure they are fully operational. Next, a contractor will power-wash the fire hydrants with a simple green cleaning solution and then they will be fully primed and allowed to cure. Finally, the fire hydrants will be painted with industrial-quality “safety red” paint on the nozzle section (body) of the fire hydrant and industrial-quality light gray paint on the dome (bonnet) and the caps.  This method will allow for a long-lasting finish and insures proper operation of the fire hydrant. The contractor also is certified in lead paint removal and is applying special attention to any fire hydrant that may contain lead paint as a result of its age.  

This program will involve public fire hydrants only.  Fire hydrants located in private subdivisions and developments within the city limits are not maintained by the City of Dubuque and are the responsibility of the property owner.

For more information, contact Brant Schueller  at 563-589-4305 or bschuell@cityofdubuque.org.
Fire Hydrant Repainting Process
Fire Hydrant Before
This is a hydrant before the city-wide hydrant repainting project.
Cleaned and primed hydrant
Cleaned and Primed Hydrant
The hydrants are first power washed with a simple green cleaning solution and then primed and allowed to fully cure.
Repainted fire hydrant
Painted Hydrant
This is how all the public hydrants will be repainted city-wide.
Who may operate a Fire Hydrant?
No one other than a City of Dubuque Official may operate or use water from a Fire Hydrant for any purpose.