• Dubuque County:  Hospitalized =  27 as of Oct. 25. (7 less than Oct. 24.)
    Please note: This number is Dubuque County residents only. COVID-19 patients in Dubuque County hospitals who are NOT Dubuque County residents are not reflected in this number.
  • Iowa: Currently hospitalized = 596* (32 more than yesterday.)
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    * = Record high
  • Dubuque County: New recoveries = 80. Total number of recoveries = 3,514
  • Iowa: New recoveries = 993. Total number of recoveries = 90,426
  • Dubuque County: 3 long-term care facility outbreaks:
    Luther Manor Communities, Dubuque (41 positive cases, 4 recoveries) 
    MercyOne Dyersville Senior Care, Dyersville (35 positive cases, 24 recoveries)
    Sunnycrest Manor, Dubuque (20 positive cases, 17 recoveries)
  • Iowa: 71 outbreaks (4 more than yesterday)
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Randy Gehl, Public Information Officer

This message is from the Dubuque County Public Health Incident Management Team, which includes staff from the from the Dubuque County Health Department, City of Dubuque Health Department, Dubuque County Emergency Management Agency, and the Dubuque Visiting Nurse Association.
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