Housing & Community Development


Historic Federal Building
350 W. 6th Street, Suite 312
Dubuque, IA 52001



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Steger, Alexis Housing Director 563.589.4230  
Belmont, Michael Assistant Housing Director 563.690.6087  

Rental Assistance 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hodgson, Gina Assisted Housing Supervisor 563.690.6096  
Ohnesorge, Hollie Assisted Housing Coordinator 563.690.6106  
Blatz, Dawn Assisted Housing Specialist 563.690.6090  
Doyle, Tracy Assisted Housing Specialist 563.690.6099  
England, Tonya Assisted Housing Secretary 563.589.4230  
Feller, Ryan Assisted Housing Specialist 563.690.6109  
Kilgore, Crystal Assisted Housing Specialist 563.690.6103  
Murdock, LaMetra Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator 563.589.1724  

Community Development 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Corken-Deutsch, Mary Bridget Community Development Specialist 563-690-6094  

Neighborhood Revitalization 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Haverland, Madeline Urban Development & Housing Rehabilitation Project Manager 563.690.6102  
Barton, Lisa Community Development Grant Administrator 563.690.6092  
Escobar, Karla Housing Financial Specialist 563.589.4239  

Inspection and Construction Services (ICS) 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Pothoff, Ben Deputy Code Official 563.690.6075  
Ernster, Tami Housing Permits Clerk 563.589.4231  
Griebel, Tim Housing Inspector 563.690.6073  
Gonyier, Lucas Housing Inspector 563.690.6098  
Hoeper, Shane Combination Inspector (Housing/Building) 563.690.6091  
Krapfl, Ted Housing Inspector 563.690.6074  
Rogan, Alex Housing/ Building Inspector 563.690.6097  
Rosa, Randy Nuisance Specialist 563.513.5901  
Schneider, Chris Housing Inspector 563.690.6088  
Noel, Jean Building Permits Clerk 563.589.4150  
Duncan, Kaithlin Permits Clerk 563.589.4150  
Firzlaff, Corey Building Inspector (Electrical) 563.589.4155  
Jackson, George Combination Inspector (Buliding) 563.589.4153  
Zasada, Jeff Building Inspector (Plans Examiner) 563-690.6037  
Sievers, Michael Building Inspector 563.589.4154  

Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes Program 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ventris, Angela Grant Project Manager (Lead and Healthy Homes) 563.690.6069  
Davis, Kelly Lead & Healthy Homes Inspector 563.690.6093  
Lytle, Nicole Grants Project Manager (Healthy Homes & Aging in Place) 563.690.6110  
Griffin, Ragan Healthy Homes Inspector 563.589.4501  
Carpenter, Stacey Housing Financial Specialist 563.589.1724  
Conzett, Tami Housing Financial Specialist 563.589.1724