When will my street be cleared of snow and ice?

During a storm, our operators plow and deice Dubuque's arterial streets as long as it continues to snow.  Once it has stopped snowing and the arterial streets are safe for travel, our crews will proceed to plow and deice Dubuque's secondary streets. Information on Dubuque's Winter Weather Response.

Snow Plow Priority Route Map


During a storm, our operators work around the clock on alternating 12 hours shifts until all streets are plowed and safe for travel.  Plow operators can do a better job when cars are not parked on the streets.  We ask that residents park their vehicles off the street during snow plowing operations.  The equipment that we use to plow the snow from the streets will leave a ridge of snow across your driveway.  It is up to the property owner to remove the ridge left by our snow plowing equipment.  When shoveling or snow blowing your driveway and sidewalk, please do not shovel or blow snow into the street. Your cooperation reduces the time required to plow all streets.  Also, when residents blow or shovel snow into streets, they become liable for the road hazards they have created. City ordinance that prohibits this illegal and dangerous practice.

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