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Building Permit Application

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  3. Please list all professional firms associated with this project along with a phone number and e-mail address for the firm.
  4. NOTE: Contractor licensing information is required for all building permit applications except where the applicant is the owner and the project location is their primary residence.
  5. Property Owner Information
    NOTE: This section is not required if the property owner is the applicant listed above.
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  7. Digital plans including floor plans and elevations are required for all new construction, additions, remodels, and all detached structures over 200 sq/ft. In addition, site plans with buildings and setbacks identified are required for any new building or addition.
  8. PLEASE NOTE: Your permit fees will be calculated upon submission and an invoice will be e-mailed along with payment instructions to the applicants e-mail provided above. The application will not be approved until all permit fees are paid.
    Separate permits are required for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work and can be completed at
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