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Intent to Move Structure

  1. PLEASE NOTE: This is the first step in a two-part permit application process. Planning Services will perform an initial review of this application (typically within 48 hours). Upon approval, you will be emailed the second part of the Permit Application Packet. Once you receive that packet, please review, complete and return the completed packet as directed to obtain a Permit to Move a Building.

    Do not disconnect utilities prior to obtaining written approval of this intent to Move a Building application.

  2. Project Information
    Please provide project information below
  3. Federal Funds*

    Will Any Federal Funding be used for this project?

  4. Partial or Complete Demolition
  5. Accessory Structures
  7. Please list all professional firms associated with this project along with a phone number and e-mail address for the firm.
  8. NOTE: Contractor licensing information is required for all building permit applications except where the applicant is the owner and the project location is their primary residence.
  9. Property Owner Information
    NOTE: This section is not required if the property owner is the applicant listed above.
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