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Contract and Grant Reporting

  1. Welcome!

    You are receiving this form as part of your grant or contract agreement with the City of Dubuque. As a partner in community efforts to advance equity and inclusion, we are interested in the efforts you are making, the outcomes your are achieving, and ways that we can support one another. Please take a few minutes to complete this form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Larson at or 563-589-4190. Thank you for working with us!

  2. Please check the primary City Council goal your project contributes toward:*

  3. Please check the location(s) or service area(s) for your project*

  4. Section 1: Planning Process

    The following questions relate to the planning process used for your program.

  5. Targeted Planning *

    Identify whether you were intentional in involving any of the following populations in your planning process.

  6. Section 2: Outreach and Marketing

    The following questions relate to the outreach and marketing conducted for your project

  7. Targeted Outreach*

    Identify whether you were intentional in involving any of the following populations in your marketing and outreach process.

  8. Section 3: Participation and Feedback

    The following questions relate to participation in your program and feedback received

  9. Check the degree to which program/event participants were reasonably representative of the demographic makeup of the community*

  10. Section 4: Degree to which you achieved your program goals

  11. Section 5: Participation in Inclusive Dubuque and Ongoing Learning Opportunities

  12. Check all of the ways in which you have participated in Inclusive Dubuque*

  13. Indicate whether you have completed any of the following workshops


    Please note that once you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you are the recipient of a community development block grant and/or an arts grant, the confirmation e-mail will contain a link to an additional form to be completed.

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