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Large Neighborhood Grant 2021

  1. Please check the location(s) or service area(s) for your project*
  2. Targeted Planning and Outreach*
    Identify whether you plan to involve any of the following populations in your planning, marketing, outreach process.
  3. 2a. Does your project address one or more of the funding priorities? Check all that apply. *
  4. 9. Budget: Show evidence of careful financial planning by completing the following proposed project budget.
    Only list expenses associated with your proposed project. List both request grant funds and other cash or in-kind resources. Each field must have a numerical value. You may enter '0' as a value.
  5. Supplies & Materials
  6. Marketing/printing
  7. Personnel
  8. Contractors
  9. Other Expenses
  10. Explain in text box below
  12. I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information contained in the application is true and correct. *
  13. Thank you for completing this grant application. Once you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email. The Community Development Advisory Commission will review applications at their next regularly-scheduled meeting. You are encouraged to attend that meeting to present your project and answer any questions commissioners may have. Contact Director of the Office of Shared Prosperity Anderson Sainci at 563-589-4110 or with any questions.
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