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Volunteer Grant Reviewer Form

  1. The Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs invites you to join our team of community grant reviewers, an integral part of the City of Dubuque's Arts & Culture grant programs.

    Reviewers are the backbone of maintaining objective and equitable practices in allocating funding to ensure diverse and accessible arts and culture experiences and opportunities are available to all in our community. This is a volunteer opportunity; no compensation will be provided.

  2. Input all areas of expertise as it may relate to reading and reviewing grant applications.

  3. Describe relevant qualifications and experience to serve as a volunteer grant reviewer for the City of Dubuque's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

  4. List any and all local arts and culture organizations that you are currently working with or have worked with closely over the past 3 years. Please describe the nature of your role with the organization(s) listed.

  5. Please indicate if you have any requirements regarding accessibility or accommodations. The grant review process takes place virtually so access to a computer and internet connect are necessary to serve as a reviewer.

  6. Applicant acknowledges that they have read and understand the Voluteer Grant Reviewer Guidelines. *
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