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  1. Have you had contact with the Fire Department in the past?
  2. If yes, choose all that apply
  3. How important are the following services from most important (1) to least important (5)
  4. Medical Services
  5. Fire Suppression
  6. Public Education
  7. Community Risk Reduction
  8. Inspections
  9. Hazardous Materials
  10. Rescue (Technical, ice, water, vehicle)
  11. What service would you like to see improvement in?
  12. Are you aware of the Smart911 program?
  13. If yes, are you subscribed in Smart911?
  14. Are you aware of the Dubuque Fire Department's smoke detector install program?
  15. If yes, has the Dubuque Fire Department installed a smoke detector at your residence?
  16. Have you participated in a Dubuque Fire Department hands-only CPR demonstration?
  17. How do you rate the service provided by the Fire Department?
  18. Would you like a member of the Fire Department to contact you?
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