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Housing & Community Development CDBG Survey

  1. The City of Dubuque receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) federal funds each year for housing and community development projects. The Housing and Community Development Department want you to have a voice in how the City invests this money. Please assist us by filling out this survey.

  2. In your responses below, which area of the City of Dubuque are you addressing?*

  3. If you are addressing a specific neighborhood, please mark all that apply.

  4. Income Guidelines

  5. What is your race (select all that apply)

  6. What is your ethnicity?

  7. What is your age?

  8. 1. Suitable Living Environment:
    For each of the following categories, please rate every item by checking the appropriate box indicating the level of need you see in our community.

  9. Community Facilities

  10. Senior Center*

  11. Youth Center*

  12. Child Care Center*

  13. Homeless Facility*

  14. Park and Recreational Facilities*

  15. Health Facilities*

  16. Community Center*

  17. Neighborhood Facilities*

  18. Parking Facilities*

  19. Other*

  20. Infrastructure

  21. Accessible Curbs*

  22. Water/Sewer*

  23. Street/Alley*

  24. Street Lighting*

  25. Sidewalk Improvements*

  26. Public Wall/Steps*

  27. Drainage*

  28. Other*

  29. Special Needs

  30. Disabled Centers/Services*

  31. Accessibility Improvements*

  32. Domestic Violence Facilities*

  33. Homeless Shelters*

  34. Other*

  35. Public Services

  36. Youth Services*

  37. Mentoring Services*

  38. Health Services*

  39. Mental Health Services*

  40. Substance Abuse Services*

  41. Elderly Services*

  42. Homeless Services*

  43. Education*

  44. Recreational Programs*

  45. Child Care Services*

  46. Transportation*

  47. Neighborhood Services*

  48. Crime Prevention*

  49. Leadership Development*

  50. Other*

  51. 2. Decent Housing:

  52. Affordable Single Family Housing*

  53. Affordable Rental Housing*

  54. Housing for Disabled*

  55. Homeownership Assistance*

  56. Residential Rehabilitation*

  57. Senior Housing*

  58. Code Enforcement*

  59. Historic Preservation*

  60. Lead Paint Removal*

  61. Fair Housing*

  62. Tenant/Landlord Counseling*

  63. Other*

  64. 3. Creating Economic Opportunities:

  65. Business and Jobs

  66. Workforce Training*

  67. Local Business Support*

  68. Summer Youth Employment*

  69. Job Readiness Skills*

  70. Technical Assistance for Business*

  71. Financial Assistance for Business*

  72. Micro-Enterprise Assistance*

  73. Job Creation/Retention/Training*

  74. Attracting New Businesses*

  75. Other*

  76. 4. Area of Interest

  77. Thank you.

    Thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to complete this survey. The results of the survey will be compiled and presented to the Community Development Advisory Commission and considered during the development of the 5 year Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plans for the use of CDBG funds.

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