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Landlord Incentive: Vacant Unit Bonus & New Unit Bonus Application

  1. You are submitting your interest in the Landlord Incentive Program offered through the City of Dubuque's Housing and Community Department.
  2. 1. “No-Loss” Vacant Unit Bonus: You may receive up to one month's rent paid to keep a unit vacant to allow for a Housing Choice Voucher tenant to lease up.
  3. 2. New Unit Bonus: You may receive a $1000 if you lease up with a Housing Choice Voucher Participant.
  4. Please note "N/A" if not applicable.
  5. Program definition of vacancy: a lapse in tenancy from the date unit is turn key available until unit is lease up to Housing Choice Voucher Participant up to 30 days.
  6. Must be turn-key ready, unit is adequately maintained and move-in ready.
  7. What City Limit Census Tract is this unit located in?*
    These programs are eligible for 1 or 2 bedrooms are based on the location of the unit. Your unit must be located in specific areas. However, 3 bedroom units can be in any census tract. Must be in the City limits. Click link on the right if you need help finding the your property's tract.
  8. Does unit have current rental license?*
  9. Please note, "N/A" if not applicable
  10. Are you new to the Housing Choice Voucher Program?*
  11. Please note "N/A" if you do not remember or note "Never" if this is the first time.
  12. All units considered, have you rented to a Housing Choice Voucher participant in the past?*
  13. Only this unit considered, has it housed a Housing Choice Voucher participant in the past?
  14. I understand that I must lease up a Housing Choice Voucher participant in order to receive this bonus.*
  15. I understand that I must advertise the unit as "accepting Housing Choice Voucher"*
  16. By submitting this application, your unit will be listed on the courtesy listing our department distributes to participants.
  17. Unit Specific Information
  18. Are there other rental units in the building?*
  19. Please note, "0" if not applicable
  20. Amenities/Facilities*
    Please check only those that are supplied or available at no extra cost.
  21. Utility Information
  22. Is the heat in this unit:*
  23. Is the oven/stove in this unit:*
  24. Is the water heater in this unit:
  25. Who pays the electric bill?*
  26. Who pays the water/sewer/trash bill?*
  27. Who pays the gas bill?*
  28. Who supplies the refrigerator?*
  29. Who supplies the stove?*
  30. Final Notes on the Incentive Program
    1. If you lease up with HCV you are required to provide a W-9 and ACH form. 2. In order to received either bonus payment you must advertise as "accepting Housing Choice Voucher" 3. Your unit must be in the City of Dubuque limits. 4. HQS Inspection must not reveal any serious infractions.
  31. Submission of this form is not a guaranteed approval for the funds. Staff will review and contact you with approval.
  32. By typing your name you attest that the above information is true and correct. You accept this will serve as you submission signature.
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