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Dubuque Equitable Community Grant

  1. Save and upload your completed version of the Grant Budget, deliverables, and Timeline Table. You may upload your own version/a more detailed record of your projects budget, deliverables, and timeline if you have already created one.

  2. Does your project address a City of Dubuque 5-year goal, Imagine Dubuque Plan or another adopted City plan?
  3. Minority Impact Statement: Please choose the statement(s) that pertains to this grant application. Complete all the information requested for the chosen statement(s).
  4. All grantees will be required to complete a performance report summarizing basic impacts, such as number and demographics of people reached through the project. Who will be better off? What change will you see? How will you measure impact of your project? Good performance measures include not only who was served but how it impacted their life/experience/situation.

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