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AmeriCorps Alternative Training/Service Request

  1. AmeriCorps Members are expected to serve a significant portion of their service hours supporting their service site (min. 80% of hours). Members may also participate in community service projects or events outside of their service site. Our program partners have several service opportunities that take place during the year (Max. 15% of hours) and are given priority over general community volunteer service opportunities and professional development that is not part of the member's program/host site training & development plan (Max. 5% of hours). No more than 20% of AmeriCorps hours can be spent in training of any kind (Program, Site, and Professional Development).

    Members must obtain prior approval from the AmeriCorps Program before participating in these opportunities to be able to count these activities as service hours- lack of prior approval will result in the hours being rejected.

    Under NO circumstances will members be allowed to participate in any service activity that violates the prohibited activities as listed in the Member Service Agreement.

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