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AmeriCorps Time Off Request Policy & Form

  1. Time Off Request Policy

    Complete a Time-Off Request if you know you are going to miss more than 1 day of your scheduled service.  

    Please complete this form electronically at least 2 weeks in advance. Less than a 2 week notice does not guarantee approval. If the member is behind on hours the AmeriCorps Director may not approve the request.

    Members are expected to follow their Host Site's Time Off Request policy IN ADDITION to the program's policy.

    Approval of this time will not be completed until AmeriCorps Program Staff respond via email with the approval of this request.

  2. Time Off Request Form
  3. Reason for Request*
  4. Has your site supervisor been notified?*
  5. Please list your supervisor email here so that they can be contacted regarding this request prior to approval.

  6. I certify that I understand that the time that I request off does not count towards my contracted hours and that I will need to make up all missed hours.
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