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Age in Place Grant Program Interest Form

  1. Please complete the following form to indicate your interest in participating in the Older Adults Home Modification Grant Program. Staff will contact you when applications and more details are available.

    Thank you.

    Program Info:

    Provided through HUD’s Older Adults Home Modification Program (OAHMP), the Age in Place grants allow low-income seniors, age 62 or older, to stay in their homes through low-cost home modifications that will reduce their risk of falling. 

    Examples of these home modifications include installation of grab bars, railings, and lever-handled doorknobs and faucets, as well as the installation of adaptive equipment, such as non-slip strips for tub/shower or stairs. 

    The City of Dubuque Housing and Community Development Department will work with medical and social service providers to administer the funds and assist qualified residents in Dubuque. 

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