Northwest Arterial State of Good Repair Project

The Northwest Arterial State of Good Repair Project was a partnership between the City of Dubuque and the Iowa Department of Transportation. The $9.2 million multi-phased project included major pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation of the arterial roadway from HWY 20 (Dodge St.) to John F. Kennedy Rd.

In 2022, work was completed to reconstruct the arterial’s Pennsylvania Ave. and Asbury Rd. intersections as well as milling, repaving, and adding a 4-foot shoulder to the southbound arterial lanes. In 2023, the remaining segments of the northbound lanes from the Catfish Creek Bridge (north of HWY 20) to John F. Kennedy Rd. were reconstructed. Work began in March and the project was substantially completed in August 2023 before the start of the new school year. Remaining includes seeding and the installation of crossover barrier cables which is not expected to impact traffic.

Although road construction projects present short-term challenges for drivers, better street conditions improve safety and traffic flow and reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles. The improved infrastructure will have long-term benefits for the community.

Project Funding

The total project cost is approximately $9.2 million, the majority of which will be paid for through state funds and grants including $4.8 million in Dubuque Metropolitan Area Transportation Study Surface Transportation Program SWAP funds, $4.2 million from the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT), and a $105,000 Iowa DOT Traffic Safety Improvement Program grant. In addition, $75,000 in city funds will be used to extend the left-turn lane at John F. Kennedy Rd. 

Project Background

The Northwest Arterial project is part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and the State of Iowa (Iowa DOT), an ongoing collaboration since 2013 centered around the development of the Southwest Arterial. Although the City served as the lead agency for construction of the Southwest Arterial, it was funded by the State. 

After the Southwest Arterial was completed and open to traffic, the MOU included a Transfer of Jurisdiction of the Southwest Arterial from the City to the State in exchange for the Transfer of Jurisdiction of the Northwest Arterial and the Central Avenue/White Street corridor from the State to the City. The transfer was completed and took effect in January 2021. 

To transfer ownership, state law requires roads to be in a state of good repair. Over the last several years, the City has completed major rehabilitation projects on Central Ave. and portions of White St. as part of the roadway transfer and did the same on the Northwest Arterial.

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