Ride to Vote

The Jule, Dubuque’s public transportation system, is offering free bus rides for voters this election season. 

The Jule’s fixed-route service and on-demand service will provide free “Ride to Vote” rides from 6:15 a.m. until 6:45 p.m on Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022). Fixed-route buses will not deviate from regular routes but will provide rides to bus stops within reasonable walking distance of polling places in Dubuque.

Ride to Vote Logo
  • Upon request, transportation services staff will provide information to participants to assist with their navigation from fixed-route stops to polling places. Residents should find their poll location ahead of time.

Voters may also utilize The Jule for rides to early in-person voting, or to drop off their absentee ballot. For more information on these forms of voting and other election-related information, visit Dubuque County Elections.

Polling Place Bus Route Closest Stop
Windsor Park - 801 Davis Street Pink Davis St at Windsor
Holy Trinity Church - 1700 Lincoln Ave Pink Rhomberg Ave at Whittier
Sacred Heart Church - 2215 Windsor Ave Pink E 22nd St at Windsor
Comiskey Park - 255 E 24th Street Green Jackson St at 24th St
Election Annex - 75 Locust Street Blue Bluff St at 5th St
Fogarty Hall - 1240 Rush Street Orange S Grandview Ave at Bryant St
Resurrection Catholic Church - 4300 Asbury Rd Grey Asbury Rd at Matthew John Dr
St. Peter Lutheran Church - 3200 Asbury Rd Grey JFK Rd at Key Way
St. John's Parish House - 1401 Locust Street Orange Main St at 15th St
Westminster Church - 2155 University Ave Orange, Grey University Ave at O'Hagen St
UAW Local 94 Union Hall - 3450 Central Ave Green W 32nd St at Central Ave
Emmaus Bible College - 2570 Asbury Road Grey Asbury Rd at Mullin Rd
Area Residential Care - 3355 Kennedy Circle Grey, Brown, Purple, Express JFK Transfer
Summit Congregational Church - 2885 JFK Road Grey Sunset Park Circle at JFK
St. Elias Church - 419 N Grandview Ave Blue, Orange N Grandview Ave at 3rd St
Dubuque Museum of Art - 701 Locust Street Blue Locust St at 6th St

If you don't see your polling location, it may be outside The Jule's service area.