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Vacant Unit Listing

  1. Does unit have current rental license?*
  2. Please note, "N/A" if not applicable
  3. Are there other rental units in the building?*
  4. Please note, "0" if not applicable
  5. Amenities/Facilities*
    Please check only those that are supplied or available at no extra cost.
  6. Utility Information
  7. Is the heat in this unit:*
  8. Is the oven/stove in this unit:*
  9. Is the water heater in this unit:*
  10. Who pays the electricty bill?*
  11. Who pays the water/sewer/trash bill?*
  12. Who pays the gas bill?*
  13. Who supplies the refrigerator?*
  14. Who supplies the stove?*
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