Master Plan Community Enactment Strategy

The City of Dubuque City Council approved the Arts and Cultural Master Plan Community Enactment Strategy (CES). The Master Plan CES is NOT a policy. It is a guideline derived directly from the Arts and Cultural Affairs Master Plan and provides a commonsense division of labor based on the emerging themes of the plan. 

The Master Plan Enactment Roadmap illustrates the division of labor that allows for multiple parts of the plan to be simultaneously advanced. The community is encouraged to participate in the enactment of the plan. There are five groups that encompass a variety of industries, skill sets and subject matter expertise that will be required for the integration of the arts into our community. To review and volunteer for one of these groups click here.

Arts Master Plan Enactment Roadmap

The Master Plan Road-map outlines the method that we hope to use to enact the priorities of the plan and engage relevant stakeholders in the process. The function of this method is similar to an ecosystem as all the elements are collaborative and interdependent. The road-map consists of the following groups:

  • City Council
  • Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission
  • Economic Development Department & Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • Arts Master Plan Enactment Task-force
  • Working groups
    • Public Art & Infrastructure;
    • Accessibility Engagement & Inclusion;
    • Creative Economy, Artists & Entrepreneurs;
    • Capacity and Investment;
    • and Branding and Communication
Arts and Culture Community Enactment Roadmap