Alumni Basketball Tournament

26th Annual Alumni Basketball Tournament

March 24 - 25, 2023

Master's Division
The champion of the 2023 Masters Division was the 2001 Western Dubuque alumni team!
2023 Master's Division Tournament Results

Modern Division
The champion of the 2023 Modern Division was the 2011 Hempstead High School alumni team! 
2023 Modern Division Tournament Results

About the Alumni Tournament

The Alumni Basketball Tournament is open for high school graduates of Hempstead, Senior, Wahlert, East Dubuque, and Western Dubuque high schools. A maximum of 16 teams per men's division is allowed.

  • Master's Division, graduate in 2007 or earlier
  • Modern Division, graduate of 2008 - 2022
  • Women's Division, graduate of any year

All players on the roster must have graduated from the same school in the same year. 

Exceptions: Graduating classes from 1997 or earlier can combine players from 3 consecutive years and graduating classes from 2002 or earlier can combine players from 2 consecutive years. However, they must be graduates from the same school. Copies of school yearbooks will be required at the bench to verify eligibility.

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of two games with a team entry fee of $125.

History of Tournament Winners