Private Property Inspections

A major component of the City’s Inflow & Infiltration program involves the mandatory inspection of private property connections to the sanitary sewer system. Due to the number of properties involved, and to increase the efficiency of the program, the inspections were conducted in phases during the summers from 2011 to 2014.

Two-person inspection teams from the City's Engineering Department inspected properties. Property owners received a mailing in advance with additional information that will ask them to schedule an inspection appointment. All inspection team members clearly display identification as City of Dubuque employees, travel in vehicles with a City of Dubuque door sign, and wear attire bearing a City of Dubuque logo. A typical inspection is completed in less than 15 minutes. There must be an adult (age 18 or over) present at the property during the inspection. 
Properly Connected Sump Pump
Inspectors reviewed the following:
  1. Exterior Grading: Does exterior grading slope towards the building or away from it?
  2. Roof Drains: Are there roof drain downspouts that go into the ground? If so, where do they drain?
  3. Basement: Is there a basement?
  4. Seepage Collection System (foundation drain): Is there a seepage collection system? If present, does it discharge into a sump pit (proper) or the floor drain (improper)?
  5. Sump Pit/Sump Pump: Is there a sump pump? If present, does it discharge outside the basement through rigid pipe (proper), discharge to the floor drain (improper) or discharge to either location through a flexible hose (improper)?

If an improper connection is found, the City Engineering Department will send a violation notification letter to the property owner and explain the necessary correction and time frame for correction. A re-inspection must then be scheduled and conducted within 30 days to verify that the correction has been made. For a list of FAQs related to the project, click here.

How Do I Schedule an Inspection?
You will receive a letter when your neighborhood is scheduled for inspections. The letter will instruct you to call the City at 563-589-4270 or email.