Arts & Culture Master Plan

Be a Catalyst for Arts & Culture

Iowa’s first city is home to dozens of arts and cultural organizations. By any estimate, the sheer volume and diversity of arts and cultural activity in Dubuque is remarkable.

Culturally and artistically vibrant cities tend to be more economically prosperous. This national trend was proven locally in 2012, when a study conducted in association with Americans for the Arts revealed that Dubuque’s nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $47 million in annual revenue—a number surely increased by our city’s robust network of creative businesses, live music, and entertainment venues.

In addition to this sizable economic impact, the arts and culture are central to Dubuque’s identity and civic pride; play an integral role in the life of our schools, colleges and universities; promote inclusion and celebrate diversity; and strengthen social and community bonds.

What is the Master Plan?

Over a period of many months in 2015, hundreds of community members including local artists and arts organizations, business owners, local colleges and universities, equity groups, local media, transit and transportation, City staff and Arts Commission members, elected officials, and most importantly, community members, shared their thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

The resulting 10-year Arts & Culture Master Plan and Community Enactment Strategy provide a roadmap for enhancing the cultural and economic vitality of our community through strong public-private partnerships and community leadership.

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