Community Enactment Strategy

The Community Enactment Strategy (CES) of the Arts and Culture Master Plan is a guideline, approved by the City of Dubuque City Council in 2017, to provide a commonsense division of labor based on emerging themes of the plan. The CES is derived directly from the Arts and Culture Master Plan and developed by the Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission.

The Enactment Roadmap below illustrates this division of labor that allows for multiple parts of the plan to be simultaneously advanced. The roadmap outlines the method that we draw on to enact the priorities of the Master Plan and to engage stakeholders in the process, creating an ecosystem where all elements are collaborative and interdependent.

Arts and Culture Community Enactment Roadmap

A key element of the CES is a robust and rotating collective of engaged community volunteers serving on one of five Working Groups that address different segments of the plan. Volunteers are sought on an ongoing basis, from a variety of industries, skill sets, subject matter expertise, and personal backgrounds to keep moving the Master Plan forward and support the role and resiliency of the arts in our community. Anyone can learn more and volunteer to be part of a Working Group here.

The Working Groups areas of focus include: