Illicit Discharge Ordinance

The City of Dubuque has an illicit discharge ordinance that was passed in 2004 prohibiting the discharge of illicit (illegal) substances into storm drains and other storm water collection systems within the City of Dubuque. When waste is placed in a catch basin, street, or in a waterway it is the same as dumping it right into the Mississippi River as that is where the City’s storm sewers discharge. Placing waste in the river can have harmful consequences to the health of the river. Even yard clippings and leaves can lead to the loss of river habitat and fish kills. Violating the City’s illicit discharge ordinance could potentially carry a penalty of up to $1,000 per day per violation found.
Some examples of illicit discharges could include the following:

  • Motor Oil
  • Antifreeze / Transmission Fluid
  • Paint
  • Cooking Grease
  • Detergent
  • Home or Construction Waste
  • Pet Waste
  • Yard Waste (leaves, grass, mulch)
  • Dirt or Gravel
  • Trash
  • Pesticides and Fertilizers
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