Demolition Permits & Moving A Building

Attention: New Permit Process Now in Effect

Permits are required to:

1. Demolish a building or portion thereof; or

2. Accessory Structures (garage, green house, shed, etc.) exceeding 200 square feet or that are identified on the city assessor’s records for the property; or 

3. Move a building from one location to another across private or public property; or 

4. For storing or using materials, machinery or equipment in relation thereto; or for engaging in building construction, demolition or related operations on adjacent streets or public property, within the city.

Inspection & Construction Services issues demolition permits and permits to relocate or move a structure.

This is a (2) Part Process

Part 1.    Fill out an Intent to Demolish or Intent to Relocate a Structure form online and submit to Inspection & Construction Services. The intent approval may take up to 48 hours.

Part 2.   Once the Intent to Demolish or Intent to Relocate a Structure form is approved, Inspection & Construction Services will email the appropriate permit application to the applicant.

The application is a fillable PDF allowing for handwritten or digital signatures. We also accept printed emails from respective agency representatives expressly approving the demolition which must be provided with the application. The permit application must be correctly filled out in its entirety before Inspection & Construction Services can accept and review the permit. For questions, please call 563.589.4150 or email 

Please note: Submitting an application is not approval to begin demolition or move a building. 

Green Tip

The City of Dubuque encourages deconstruction practices and material recycling efforts during your demolition project. Deconstruction practices will lower the overall percentage of debris or waste hauled to the landfill and proportionally lower your landfill fees.