Rules & Regulations

Section 1. Definitions

Boat - any motorboat, sailboat, paddle boat, vessel, yacht, personal watercraft or other water craft.
Marina - the water and land area surrounding the Port of Dubuque Marina.
Operate - to drive, sail or propel.
Owner - all persons, corporations, partnerships and legal entities whose names are titled to a particular boat.
Pump Out refers to the sanitary waste removal system.
Touch and Go areas are limited to 20 minute access and are meant only for loading and unloading of passengers and provisions.
Transient refers to a vessel that is docked in the Marina for a maximum of ten (10) consecutive days at a time.

Section 2. General Regulations

1. The Marina is a NO WAKE ZONE. Vessels shall run at idle speeds only.
2. While entering and exiting the Marina, recreational boats shall yield to commercial and passenger vessels.
3. Open fires or smoking is prohibited within 100 feet of the Marina Fuel Dock or Building. The use of charcoal or free-standing grills is prohibited throughout
     the Marina.
4. There will be no changes or modifications to the docks or surrounding areas of the Marina.
5. While moored in the Marina, all boats shall have bow and stern lines. Spring lines will be used as necessary. All lines will be in good condition, without
     excessive wear.
6. Overboard discharge of vessel waste tanks and graywater is prohibited within the Marina. There is a sanitary pump out located on the fuel dock for use in
     the removal of waste and graywater.
7. Consumption of alcohol will be confined to designated areas only.
8. Transporting fuel onto the docks is prohibited.
9. Oil, batteries and any other hazardous material will not be disposed of in Marina waste bins. All such items will be disposed of properly by the boat owner.
* The Marina provides for the collection of recyclable materials (paper, plastic and aluminum) in designated recycling bins.
10. Birds, waterfowl and other animals should not be fed in the Marina. Garbage should be disposed of properly to help discourage the feeding of animals.
11. There will be no fishing on docks.
* Fish waste shall not be disposed of in the Marina. Proper disposal of fish waste is the responsibility of the owner.
12. All animals will be leashed while in the Marina and surrounding areas.
13. No boat owner shall conduct extensive repairs or modifications to their boat while moored in the Marina. Examples include, but are not limited to:
* Pressure-washing
* Power sanding
* Painting, varnishing or spray painting
* Fiberglass repair
14. Transient boats will be allowed to dock for a maximum of ten (10) consecutive days.
* All boats in the Marina will be considered transient.

Section 3. Personal Conduct

1. All guests of the POD Marina are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and orderly way.
A) Disorderly conduct, including threats to harm any person or property while at the Marina will result in immediate removal from the Marina.
B) Public intoxication, profanity, abusive language or harassment of any guest or employee of the Marina will not be tolerated, and will result in
     immediate removal from the Marina.
2. No person or group of people shall in any way interfere or prevent other persons from enjoying the Marina.
A) Entertaining on boats shall be conducted in an orderly manner and will not disturb other guests of the Port of Dubuque Marina.
B) No person shall remain in or on any public area, place or facility of the Marina in such a manner as to hinder or impede passage or customary use of
     the area, place or facility to persons or vessels.
3. All music and loud noise will stop at 11 PM, per City of Dubuque Public Park ordinance.