Competition Requirements




Each team shall consist of three members, 18 years and older. Additional sculpting assistance is not allowed except that given by competition organizers and grounds crew. Amateurs and professionals are eligible. The final sculpture must fit within a 10-foot X 10-foot square, height is optional.

Snow Sculpting Contest Rules

Each team will receive a square shaped block of snow, 6 feet per side and 8 feet high in Washington Park sculpting site in Dubuque, Iowa. Each team’s snow block will be chosen at random. The condition of the snow cannot be guaranteed. In case of significant inclement weather, the competition will be canceled.

No media other than snow, ice or water may be used. Competitors are to use snow available on site only. Colorants are not allowed. Armatures or molded shapes are NOT allowed.

Sculptors may provide their own tools as they will not be provided by the hosts of the event. Power tools are NOT permitted. Snow removal equipment; buckets, ladders and a scaffolding section with plank will be available on site for each team.


Artist have the liberty of creating images that can be real or imaginary. Because the sculptures will be located in public space the content must be appropriate for all ages. The images created must be an original design and NOT a sculpture that the team has executed prior to this competition. 


The designated judge(s) will rank the sculptures and winners will be determined based on these recommended criteria:
  • Creativity: originality of expression, composition, design and aesthetics (50%)
  • Technique: utilization of materials, excellence in execution and presentation (30%)
  • Message: visual force and communication of message as suggested by the title (20%)


List of all possible awards:

  • Best in Snow (the selection made by the jury)
  • Iowa State Champion (first place will represent Iowa in US National Snow Sculpting Contest 2019)*  eligible Iowa teams only
  • People's Choice Award (determined by public voting from 12:00 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 26th. Ballots and drop boxes will be available in the Dubuque Museum of Art. This award will be presented at the awards ceremony at 3:45 p.m.