Eligible Repairs

The following are examples of stormwater management issues that were eligible to be repaired as part of the Bee Branch Healthy Home Resiliency Program. 
2108 Wahington - Griffin 005
Gutters that are not kept clean cannot shed water away from house. Stormwater will flow over the edge of gutter and down the foundation of the home causing water to infiltrate the basement.
2266 Jackson Street 003
Moisture seeping behind walls leads to mold and mildew issues. Asthma symptoms may be triggered by exposure to mold spores.
2613 Stafford 043
Basement window wells that capture and harbor stormwater runoff cause structural damage. The area needs to be excavated and a drainage system installed.
704 Ries Street, Dubuque 018
Sandbags have been placed near the home to keep stormwater from flooding the exterior basement door. The entire area needs to be excavated and graded so water drains away from the house.
704 Ries Street, Dubuque 037
All components around the furnace are rusted from constant exposure to moisture. The space needs to be ventilated and the rusted parts of the furnace need to be replaced.
Dubuque 2-23-17 065
A concrete patch was put up against the home in an attempt to divert stormwater from the property, but it continues to infiltrate the basement.
704 Ries Street, Dubuque 034
Pinard Web
The bottom of the water heater is rusty due to sitting in water and/or excess moisture. The water heater needs to be raised. 
Stormwater coming in through the exterior door and down the stairs is resulting in moisture in the basement. Finished walls absorb moisture which causes poor indoor air quality.
2613 Stafford 019
Unfinished crawl spaces tend to be damp. Utilities will deteriorate quickly when exposed to constant moisture.  
McCarth and Jolet 008
Constant water intrusion through the limestone foundation has deteriorated the wood stairs and compromised the structural integrity of the basement. The dirt floor also harbors moisture. Repairs need to be made and stormwater needs to be diverted away from the exterior of the home.