Programs & Incentives

The City of Dubuque offers a variety of resources to homeowners, commercial property owners, and rental property owners. See the list below or use the incentives map to learn more about these programs and to determine your property’s eligibility.

State & Federal Programs

Dubuque's local incentive programs can be combined with State and Federal programs – helping your business make the most of its resources.

  1. State Incentive Programs

The Iowa Economic Development Authority administers several programs to assist individuals, communities, and businesses in business and community development.

The Iowa Finance Authority administers programs that provide affordable financing resources for individuals and their goals, from mortgage or down payment assistance and rental programs that provide affordable homes, to low-cost funds for drinking water, help for beginning farmers and more.

The State Historical Society of Iowa administers programs that helps preserve and bring new life to Iowa's history.

  1. Federal Incentive Programs