Dance Diversity

Dance Diversity


Gail Chavenelle with Alanda Gregory, Yara Lopez, and Hieyler Talley 


Dubuque, IA

About the Work and the Artists: 

Local BIPOC creatives, Alanda Gregory, Yara Lopez and Hieyler Talley, joined local sculptor Gail Chavenelle to conceive and design Dance Diversity, forming a 4-woman team that collaborated during the COVID-19 pandemic to create a joyful work that expresses multiple cultures and voices. The colorful grouping of figurative elements, and the process involved in creating them, speaks to beauty that grows from cultivating new relationships and coming together to celebrate and acknowledge our differences.


Lasercut and formed steel finished with auto-grade paint


2.5'W x 7'H x 2'D

Purchase Price: 

$4,000 each or $8,500 for all three