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The City of Dubuque procures many goods and services through a purchasing system that, for the most part, is decentralized. In other words, City departments have staff members who provide the purchasing services for their department. These authorized individuals are responsible for ensuring that the centralized procurement policies which the City has developed and continues to expand are followed.

The Purchasing Coordinator’s responsibilities include facilitating a number of city-wide bids, developing and participating in intergovernmental purchasing projects and oversight of the City’s procurement policies.

Purchasing Practices

The City of Dubuque recognizes that the success of our City is directly linked to the success of our local businesses. For this reason the City of Dubuque allows locally-owned businesses located within the City of Dubuque corporate limits a ten (10) percent preference on purchases up to $500, and a five (5) percent preference on purchases of $500 or more. Purchases which are made through the formal bid process (i.e., construction projects) must be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder per Code of Iowa requirements.

Purchases shall be made using sound purchasing judgment without favor or prejudice, to ensure that public money is spent efficiently and effectively. Potential vendors shall be given an opportunity to provide quotations, bids or proposals and shall be treated fairly in the process. For a listing of City bid and proposal opportunities please visit www.cityofdubuque.org/bids.

Vendor Requirements

The City of Dubuque requires that suppliers have on file with the Finance Department their vendor information and tax status. Vendors claiming tax exemption must also complete an Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.  

Sales Visits

Sales representatives are a valuable source of information in obtaining bids, specifications, product enhancements, and resolving issues. The City of Dubuque values your visits. However, it is recommended that as a professional courtesy, sales representatives call first for an appointment in order to productively utilize your time and ours. Representatives may contact the Purchasing Coordinator’s Office or the department with whom you may do business to introduce the City to your product or service.

Gratuities or Gifts

In order to maintain integrity and to continue to foster ethical and equal opportunities among the business community, City employees and City departments are prohibited from accepting gratuities, in any form, from any vendor or potential vendor either directly or indirectly. The City of Dubuque also respectfully requests that vendors do not send gifts such as calendars, candy, flowers, etc., for holidays or other special occasions.

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