Sale of City Surplus Items

The City of Dubuque disposes of surplus items through:

  • online auction, 
  • public sale,
  • trade-in, and/or 
  • sealed bid.

Please refer to details below for potential bidding opportunities and the terms and conditions that apply to the disposal of such items.

Online Auction Surplus Bid Opportunities

City of Dubuque surplus items currently listed for online auction on GovDeals.

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Sealed Bid Terms and Conditions

Bidding Requirements

Submit completed bid sheets by the time and date specified, to:

City Hall
Attn. City Clerk
50 West 13th Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Enclose bid in a sealed envelope; and mark with reference to bid requirements. Bidder may submit all items for the same bid date on one bid form. Unless otherwise specified, FAXED and EMAILED bids are not acceptable.

Bid Award

The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to accept bids in whole or in part, and to withdraw any item from sale at any time when in the best interest of the City. Bids are awarded to the highest responsible bidder. In the event of multiple identical high bids, the earliest received bid will prevail. The City will notify only successful bidders. To obtain bid results, please include self-addressed, stamped envelope with bid or visit this website for results.

Terms of Sale

  1. All items are sold as is, where is, to the highest bidder with no warranties, guarantees, or contrary oral statements;
  2. Buyer acknowledges that the City has provided an opportunity to inspect items, that the City is not a dealer, and that the Buyer has sole responsibility to comply with OSHA regulations, if applicable;
  3. Buyer acknowledges and agrees to hold the City harmless from claims or demands arising out of the City’s sale and the Buyer’s purchase of the items;
  4. City specifically disclaims all express or implied warranties including the implied warranty of merchantability;
  5. Buyer assumes all risks, liability, and loss resulting from the use of said items; and
  6. Buyer understands that items will be available when taken out of service by City, and that Buyer is responsible for removal of items when so notified by City of its availability.
  7. Prices quoted must remain firm for a 30-day period after due date.


The awarded bidder must submit funds to the City of Iowa Dubuque Finance Department within seven (7) business days after notice of award is received. Only certified check, money order, or cash will be accepted as payment. The items shall not be released to the successful bidder until certified funds are received. All items are to be removed at the buyer’s expense within seven (7) business days of sale unless otherwise noted.

Security Deposit

Bids on motor vehicles shall require a security deposit or a State of Iowa Registered Motor Vehicle Dealer registration number. Bidders shall submit with their bid a $200 security deposit per motor vehicle. A security deposit is not required if the bidder is licensed in the State of Iowa as a Registered Motor Vehicle Dealer, in which case the Registration Number must be furnished in lieu of deposit. A separate security deposit must be provided for each motor vehicle. Security deposit may be in the form of a personal check or guaranteed funds, made payable to the City of Dubuque; cash will be accepted. The City reserves the right to require a different security deposit or a security deposit for items other than motor vehicles. The security deposit shall be forfeited if the awarded bid is withdrawn or the balance is not paid by the time the item is taken out of service.

Security deposits of the highest two (2) or more bidders may be retained pending an award. All other security deposits will be returned promptly. Upon award, security deposit of the awarded bidder(s) shall be applied toward the amount due.


The following taxes shall apply:

Licensed vehicles: 5% Iowa Sales Tax on licensed motor vehicles will be collected when the buyer applies for license in the Buyer’s county, not at the time of sale. (The City does not collect Iowa Sales Tax on motor vehicles.)

Vehicle Title Transfer

Buyer must be 18 years of age or older. Following complete payment, the buyer shall transfer the motor vehicle title at the Buyer’s courthouse. The City may require proof of title transfer (copy of new title or registration) before the buyer may take possession of the motor vehicle. The City shall provide the following for title transfer:

  1. Certificate of Title
  2. Registration
  3. Odometer statement if the vehicle is less than 9 model years old
  4. Damage disclosure statement if the vehicle is less than 7 model years old