Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Lessons may be scheduled at Flora or Sutton Pools between the hours of 11:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., June 17- August 9th. * Due to staff trainings, lessons are NOT permitted on Wednesdays at Flora Pool or Thursdays at Sutton Pool.

Four (4) thirty-minute lessons
- $64.00 Resident, $76.00 Nonresident; Eight (8) thirty-minute lessons - $128.00 Resident, $153.00 Nonresident.
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Group Lessons

Lessons are held in two-week sessions, Monday - Friday the first week and Monday - Thursday the second week (the second Friday will be used as a make-up day if needed). Lessons are held rain or shine; however, if severe weather exists, there may be a need to cancel. Please refer to the city's information hotline 563.589.4FUN (4386) for weather cancelations. No refunds are given due to weather.

Class dates and times can be found in the summer brochure.

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Preschool Beginner, Advanced Preschool Beginner, and Aquatots: $25 resident; $30 nonresident
Beginner I - Swimmer: $20 resident; $24 nonresident


Skill Level Guide

Click on Skill Level to see a report card of the skills your child would need to complete to pass that level.

Preschool Beginner - For swimmers ages 3-5 years old, not accompanied by an adult. Children in this level will become comfortable to submerge head, jump into pool by self, and complete front and back glides, floats and supporting arms.

Advanced Preschool Beginner - For swimmers ages 3-5 years who are confident and comfortable in the water. This class will focus on bobbing, rhythmic breathing, front and back floats with kick and jumping into deeper water with assistance.

Beginner I - Child must be at least 6 years of age. Primary skills are taught to include water exploration, front and back floats, rhythmic breathing, glides with kicks and jumping into deep water with assistance.

Beginner II - Stroke readiness. Swimmers will learn to front and back glide with kick the length of the pool, and be introduced to beginner crawl, back crawl and elementary back stroke.

Advanced Beginner I - Stroke development. Students will be able to complete 25 yards of the front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstrokes. Deep water exploration will be encouraged with deep water dives, swims and treading water.

Advanced Beginner II - Stroke refinement. Swimmers will demonstrate alternate rhythmic breathing, deep water bobs and diving from board. 50 yards of continuous swims will be performed for both front and back crawls, as well as 25 yards of breaststroke, sidestroke and elementary backstroke.

Intermediate - Skill Proficiency - These advanced swimmers will perform each stroke continuously for 100 yards without breaks, using flip turns. Pike and tuck dives will be introduced, as well as basic water rescues and safety.

Swimmer - Advanced Skills - Students in this level are at the most advanced stage. During this session they will be expected to swim 200 yards front crawl, 100 back crawl, 50 side stroke and become introduced to the Butterfly.
Swim lessons
Swim lessons