Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes Program

The lead program aims to prevent lead poisoning by making homes lead safe. Qualifications for assistance apply to the household living in the property:
  • Live in a house built before 1978 that is within the Dubuque city limits. If you're not sure whether you're in the city limits, click here for an interactive map that will tell you.
  • Have a child under the age of six that lives in the home or visits the home on a frequent basis. Alternatively, a pregnant woman qualifies.
  • Meet the household income guidelines below.
  One-person household Two-person household Three-person household Four-person household
   $45,550 $52,050 $58,550  $65,050
  Five-person household Six-person household Seven-person household Eight-person household
   $70,300 $75,500 $80,700 $85,900

Click the application link to download and print the application. Submit a complete application to be considered for the program.
Contact Jason Duba, Housing Financial Specialist: (563) 589-1724, jduba@cityofdubuque.org

Check out the two-page flyer by clicking below.

The City of Dubuque has made 1,250 units lead -safe over the course of five grants starting in 1997. Click here to download the list of properties made lead-safe. If a unit was previously made lead-safe, it is not eligible for additional grant funding.