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Contractor Interest Form

  1. Welcome!

    The City of Dubuque Housing & Community Development Department engages contractors in various trades and projects. If you are a licensed contractor interested on bidding jobs, please complete this form and staff will follow up with you.

  2. Please check all boxes that describe the work you are interested in bidding:*

    *Must be State licensed to perform electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work.

  3. Other Requirements:

    Any contractor performing work that is paid for by City funds must provide a certificate of insurance with the City of Dubuque named as an additional insured, including all required endorsements, for each job.

    All contractors are required to register at and be in good standing to be considered responsible bidders. 

    Schedules of Insurance and a link to register for can be found in the next box.

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  5. Acknowledgements

    The City of Dubuque reserves the right to verify any or all of the information provided above. Contractors shall provide references for recent jobs or projects upon request. Due to the nature of the work done on some projects, the City of Dubuque reserves the right to request a criminal background check.

    All work must be completed in a workmanlike manner, to job specifications, and under permit, if applicable. Contractors failing to meet these standards may be considered non-responsible and ineligible to be awarded contract for City projects. Prior to payments being made, the City shall verify completion of specs, and passed inspections (for permitted work). Payments are issued within 30 days of verification.

    By typing my name below, I verify that I have read and understand all information provided on this form. I verify that the answers I have given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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