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Landlord Contact Form for Tenant Delinquency

  1. The City of Dubuque Utility Billing Department needs to maintain current contact information for owners/landlords of property to which we provide service.

    If a Utility Billing customer owes a delinquent balance, the customer will receive a disconnect notice.

    If the customer does not pay the delinquent amount by the due date the water will be scheduled to be shut off. During the tenant disconnection process, we will contact the landlord for their assistance to access the meter to shut the service off.

    After the water has been shut off the tenant will be billed a $50 shut off fee. The tenant has two weeks to reinstate the account in good standing. If the tenant does not pay the bill in full, the service will be transferred into the owner’s name with the tenant retaining the responsibility for the past due amount.

    If for any reason, the landlord is unable to gain us access to the meter or does not return the service worker’s call, the water will revert into the owner’s name the day after the notice was due.

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