EMS / Ambulance


The Dubuque Fire Department's Emergency Medical Services mission is to protect, assist, and educate our community and visitors with pride, skill, and compassion.


We are the community’s ambulance service that is more than just running lights and sirens to calls.  When you are looking for excellence in medical transport services, it is important to use a service with experience and expertise. We provide a comprehensive medical response and standby service for our community.

The Dubuque Fire Department ambulance service provides the following coverage 24 hours, 7 days a week:

  • Basic and Advanced Life Support
  • Emergency Transfers
  • Non-Emergency Transfers
  • Hospital Discharges
  • Inter-facility transfers
  • Event Standby 


Dubuque Fire Department ambulances are all staffed with two paramedics each. Members of the fire department are dual-trained as EMTs and firefighters, experienced to handle any situation. In 2013, the department expanded their services with Advanced Life Support Engine companies. This allows the department additional capabilities to respond to any location within the community, initiating expedient advanced medical care. The department maintains six stations throughout the community to provide prompt paramedic response with average arrival within 7–8 minutes. All members participate in continuing education to improve their knowledge and skills as they provide exceptional care to the community.  

Our staff also has professional training in:

  • Firefighting
  • Hazardous materials response
  • High-angle rescue
  • Extrication
  • Water and ice rescue

Our EMS staff also provide standby medical assistance at sporting events, celebrations, and festivals.

EMS/Ambulance Service Brochure

What happens when I call 911 or the non-emergency number (563-582-4980)?

When a person calls in, they are connected to a 911 Emergency Communications Center dispatcher. The dispatcher asks for information regarding the type of emergency, address, phone number, and more specific patient details. The dispatcher categorizes the call based on the potential life threat to the patient, prompting how the fire department units will respond in respect to the use of lights and siren.

“Code 1” implies a serious, life-threatening emergency and all vehicles respond with lights and siren. 

“Code 2” implies a moderate life threat and the nearest two available units respond with lights and siren with any other unit responding promptly with the normal flow of traffic.

“Code 3” implies a low-risk to life and only the nearest available unit responds with lights and siren with any other unit responding promptly with the flow of traffic.

“Code 4” implies a non-life-threatening injury or illness and is considered a call for service. All units respond without lights or sirens.

In all response situations, typically, lights and sirens are shut off a block or two from the scene.


The Dubuque Fire Department accepts:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • All private insurance

You have a choice in ambulance service! We offer some of the best, affordable rates around. Medicare and Medicaid patients that are city of Dubuque residents may save money by using the Dubuque Fire Department ambulance. We may waive co-pays resulting in NO out-of-pocket responsibility to the patient or family. 

The City of Dubuque Fire Department uses Digitech for ambulance billing services. Billing information can be accessed using the Patient Portal or by calling 1-855-952-6248 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

For questions regarding bills issued before 12/1/2021, please call EMS Supervisor Sam Janecke at (563) 589-4194.

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