GIS Coordinator / Analyst

The GIS Coordinator / Analyst is responsible for the supervision, development, use, and maintenance of the City's GIS, and coordinates the aforementioned duties with other City departments, as well as partners to City projects, other government groups, private sector businesses, and the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation (GDDC).

Additional Duties
The GIS Coordinator / Analyst also:
  • Helps City departments realize the benefits of using GIS in their daily activities. Various City departments collect large amounts of geographical data daily, from service calls to building permits to police reports. GIS can allow specific departments to take advantage of the geographical data we have and use it to analyze trends, and even affect different policy decisions based on these trends.
  • Contributes to the usefulness and diversity of the City's GIS by creating and ensuring standardization and uniformity of data. With the large number of GIS users within the City of Dubuque, it is crucial to have data named and maintained in an orderly fashion so that all users may benefit from its use. By working with various departments, we are gathering information to create a set of standards for our GIS data.
  • Assists City departments in their daily GIS duties by answering questions they may have, as well as helping them make the most out of the data and software they have available to them. The GIS Coordinator / Analyst helps out those individuals who may have questions regarding the software or data. The Coordinator also holds periodic training sessions to give users ideas on how to better utilize the vast amount of tools the GIS can offer.
  • Facilitates community growth and prosperity through economic development and economic gardening initiatives. Using GIS as an analysis tool, businesses can find their target markets and ways to promote their services to new customers. Working with Economic Development and the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, our goal is to not only make Dubuque a better place to live and work, but also more prosperous.
  • Identifies all sources of data and makes GIS data widely available to different City departments. It is crucial that all City departments using GIS are using the same, most up-to-date and most accurate data that is available to them. As a part of this, the GIS Coordinator / Analyst facilitates communication between departments to ensure the quality and integrity of the City's geographic data. The Coordinator is also responsible for the creation of new data sets for use by City departments.