People's Choice Award

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Each year, visitors of the Art on the River Exhibit are encouraged to vote for their favorite sculpture.  At the end of the exhibit, one artist is declared as that year’s People’s Choice Award winner and receives a $200 cash price. 

Vote for your favorite sculpture from this year's exhibit!

2020 - Paul Russell, Ancient Protocol

Paul Russell 1

2019-Jeremy Rudd, Rogue: Sprung

Rogue: Sprung

2016-Andrew Arvanetes, Two Wings and a Prayer

Two Wings and a Prayer - Andrew Arvanetes - 2016

2015-Jeremy Rudd, Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward - Jeremy Rudd - 2015

2014-Tommy Riefe, Time Warp

Time Warp - Tommy Riefe - 2014

2013-Bounnak Thammavong, Cone Flower Cluster

Cone Flower Cluster -Bounnak Thammavong

2012-William Grant Turnbull, Anchorlily 2

Anchorlily 2 - William Grant Turnbull - 2012

2011-Sarah Deppe, Exhaling Dissolution

Exhaling Dissolution - Sarah Deppe 2011

2010-Victoria Reed, Dapple 1 and Dapple II

Dapple I and Dapple II - Victoria Reed 2010-2011

2009-Rob Neilson, Two-Headed Trojan Ducky

2009 Peoples CHoice Award Winner