Best of Show Award

The Best of Show is selected by the jurors of each year's exhibit after the sculptures are installed and are able to be reviewed onsite, in-person. The award carries a $1,000 cash reward.

2022 - We Are the Bridge by Dan Aldeman

We Are the Bridge

2021 - Resilient Generations by Gail Chavenelle

Resilient Generations

2019 - Achilles Heel by Donald Noon

Achilles Heel

2017 - Harbinger, White Guide by Jeremy Rudd

Harbinger, White Guide

2016-J. Karl Lipscomb, Conventional Apparatus

Conventional Apparatus

2015-Chris Wubbena, Victoria


2014-Zachary Bowman, At the Water's Edge

At Waters Edge

2013-Jeff Boshart, Interstellar Naught

Interstellar Naught

2012-Chris Wubbena, Selective Memory

Selective Memory

2011-Kees Ouwens, Whispering Stones

Whispering Stones - Kees Ouwens

2010-John Anderson-Bricker, The Long Toss

The Long Toss - John Anderson-Bricker