Winter Weather Response

Snow and Ice Control

Snow and ice control is emergency work and is accomplished as efficiently and expeditiously as possible with the resources available to City government. A combination of many factors interact to make each snowfall and the effects of each such snowfall unique. 

Find detailed information on how streets are prioritized for plowing and how equipment and staff are utilized.

Winter Reminders Flyer

winter gang plowing

Live Map of Snow and Ice Control Progress

The Public Works Department provides updated information to the public regarding snow and ice control operations using an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system.  This GPS technology provides updated information, in real time, to the public regarding snow plowing operations. Click on the map image or the link below to view an interactive map that shows which and how recently streets have been plowed. Use the zoom tool for a detailed view of specific areas.

View the live snow and ice control progress map.

Odd Even Snow Route Parking

After significant snowfalls and when the City’s snow route policy is declared, the program requires “odd/even” parking along Dubuque’s designated snow routes. When in effect, parking is prohibited on “even-numbered” sides of streets on even days of the month and on “odd-numbered” sides of streets on odd days of the month. Parking restrictions are in effect from noon to 5 p.m. OR 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., depending on the street. Violators of the odd/even parking policy will be ticketed and fined $30. Find additional details including a map of the odd/even snow route.  

Enforcement of the snow route parking policy is announced in advance through area news media, including CityChannel Dubuque, the local government access channel on the Mediacom cable television system (channels 8 and 117.2) and streamed live. Notification is also provided via emails and texts through the City’s Notify Me system. Activation of the policy is also announced on the City of Dubuque website and through the City’s CodeRED emergency notification system

Snow Information brochure

Snow Removal - Sidewalks and Hydrants 

It is the responsibility of property owners to keep sidewalks clear of snow and/or ice immediately after a snow fall ends and no longer than 48 hours past the end of a snow event. If the sidewalk is not cleared, the City will send one courtesy notice before hiring a contractor to clear the snow and assess the property; further violations may result in civil citations with penalties up to $750 plus court costs. Also, corner lots are required to clear the snow from the access ramps to allow unimpeded passage for pedestrian traffic.

It is against City code to shovel or blow snow into the streets when clearing driveways and sidewalks; repeat violators are subject to a civil penalty of up to $750 and court costs after they have been served notice. Please assist the Dubuque Fire Department by clearing snow from fire hydrants in your neighborhood.

For more information, including how to report a violation related to this ordinance, please contact the Engineering Department at 563-589-4270. 

Solid Waste Setout Tips

In winter weather, residents are encouraged to use higher-quality solid waste containers that are resistant to cracking and use lids to keep rain, snow, and ice out of the containers. City crews will not empty cans or containers that are frozen up or overweight with snow or water. Also, please use dark-colored garbage bags, not white ones, to make it easier for collection crews to see trash bags. Collection items should be set out by 6 a.m. and placed in a shoveled-out, street-side “windrow” notch, not on the sidewalk behind a car, snow pile or windrow. Empty containers should be removed from windrows and sidewalks as soon as possible to aid walkers and snow plow crews. 

For more information on odd/even snow routes and winter solid waste collection, please contact the Public Works Department at 563-589-4250. For more information regarding snow and/or ice removal on sidewalks, contact the Engineering Department at 563-589-4270.