Snow & Ice Control

General Snow/Ice Control Policies

Snow and ice control is emergency work and is accomplished as efficiently and quickly as possible with the resources available to the City. A combination of many factors interact to make each snowfall and the effects of each such snowfall unique. Consequently, the snow and ice control plan for the City must be flexible enough to cope with and respond to varying conditions during and after each winter storm.

Find detailed information on the City of Dubuque's city-wide snow/ice control policies.

Primary/Secondary Snow Routes

During a winter storm, fifteen (15) City plow/spreader trucks are dispatched when necessary to plow and treat Dubuque’s streets. Each truck is assigned to one of fifteen (15) zones or routes into which the City is partitioned. 

Each zone has three subcategories: Primary streets, secondary streets, and residential streets

Primary and secondary snow removal routes (PDF)  

An interactive map showing plow progress is NOT available this season, however, residents can search for their street in the snow/ice policy manual. Tip: use Ctrl+F to search by street name and determine priority.  

* If snowfall accumulations are in excess of six (6) inches, motor graders and plow-equipped wheel loaders may be dispatched to assist with plowing operations. Contingent upon pavement conditions at the time of deployment, these plows will be assigned to one of the heavy plow routes. The current budget provides that all improved streets are to be cleared for vehicular travel within forty-eight (48) hours of the conclusion of a winter storm.