Snow & Ice Control

General Snow/Ice Control Policies

Snow and ice control is emergency work and is accomplished as efficiently and expeditiously as possible with the resources available to City government. A combination of many factors interact to make each snowfall and the effects of each such snowfall unique. Consequently, the snow and ice control plan for the City must be flexible enough to cope with and respond to varying conditions during and after each winter storm.

Find detailed information on the City of Dubuque's city-wide snow/ice control policies.

Primary/Secondary Snow Routes

During a winter storm, fourteen City plow/spreader trucks will be dispatched when necessary to plow and treat Dubuque’s streets. Each truck is assigned to one of fourteen (14) zones or routes into which the City is partitioned.* If snowfall accumulations are in excess of six (6) inches, motor graders and plow-equipped endloaders may be dispatched to assist with plowing operations. These plows will first clear the primary, and then the secondary, streets. After those streets are open for vehicular traffic, the plows will then clear all remaining streets listed on the sixteen (16) general plow routes. The current budget provides that all improved streets are to be cleared for vehicular travel within forty-eight (48) hours of the cessation of a winter storm.

View a map of the primary and secondary snow removal routes.

Odd/Even Snow Route Parking Policy

The City of Dubuque's odd/even snow route parking policy affects 34 miles of Dubuque's most heavily traveled streets. Prior to the policy, cars parked along streets have made it difficult for our crews to plow curb to curb. Some streets became hazardous to drive due to narrowing widths. The snow route parking policy allows crews to plow the streets more effectively, improve driving conditions, and provide better on-street parking.

After snowfalls of three or more inches, when announced, the program requires odd / even parking along the designated routes. When in effect, parking is prohibited on the even numbered side of the streets on the even days of the month, and on the odd numbered side of the streets on the odd days of the month. The parking restrictions are enforced from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. or 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. 

Download a detailed brochure on the program


Implementation/enforcement of the odd/even snow route parking policy will be announced at least six hours in advance through area news media, including CityChannel Dubuque (117.2 and 8 on the Mediacom cable system.) Vehicles violating the restrictions will be ticketed and fined $30.
Request an email or text notification whenever implementation of this policy is announced.

For additional information regarding Dubuque's snow route parking policy, contact the Public Works Department at 563.589.4250.