City Life

City Life


A thriving network of civicly engaged community members sustaining regular connections with each other and city government, for the purpose of exploring government service delivery and accessibility through innovative partnerships, that meet community needs and celebrate differences.


Provide community members connection to city staff so they can discover relevant information about local government structure and services.
City Life is designed for residents to experience a hands-on connection with their local government. As a result, the vision and mission of the program may change as more residents go through the program and contribute in the program design and implementation.

The next City Life session will be held from November 7 - 25.

We will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 9 p.m. in various city and community buildings.
Registration Deadline: October 28, 2019.

To register please do ONE of the following:
Submit an application online
Download an Application City Life
If you prefer, you may contact Temwa Phiri by email or by calling 563-589-4180 to have a registration form e-mailed or mailed to you.

Feel free to stop by the Human Rights Department 1300 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001


In 2009, City of Dubuque staff and residents formed the Safe Community Task Force which resulted in a series of recommendations to further community safety. In addition to recommendations related to traditional concerns of lighting, enforcement, police presence, and the physical environment, this group also noted the necessity of having residents who are knowledgeable about department programs, who have access to factual information, and who are engaged with each other in creating a sense of welcoming and connection to the community. Upon researching various best practices around the United States, the Human Rights Department decided to develop a pilot “citizen academy” as one step toward these goals which was held on April 4 thru June 6, 2013.

Stories, Pictures, and Data

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